Pressure Washing Pavings, Paths and Drives

Manchester City Clean specializes in pressure washing all types of paving, paths and drives; as a company we recognize block paving drives are a large investment and indeed one that is worth taking care of. Without maintenance your prestigious block paving can become unsightly with weeds, grass and grime taking a hold and algae can even make is dangerous to walk on. We aim to help you to maintain the true value of your investment by providing pressure washing services that deep clean using special rotary cleaning equipment that will remove weed; effect any minor repair work, and then re-sand.  Our specialists can bring about results that restore, refresh and revive surfaces requiring exterior cleaning for commercial cleaning purposes giving improvement both aesthetically and practically. Paving, paths and drives, regardless of the hard landscape areas all benefit from cleaning services done professionally by our cleaning team.

Interior Cleaning Including
Exterior Cleaning Including