Door Furniture

Moving house or business premises is frequently too much to take on and an end of tenancy cleaning schedule may be too hectic for most people. Manchester City Clean cleaning teams are ready to take on the tasks, including ensuring your door hardware is well cleaned. Door hardware is always in direct contact with many forms of dirt, seemingly permanent marks, as well as dust and grits from the air and nearly roadways. We can ensure your door hardware is shining clean and gives a presentable and pleasing first impression to your premises. 

Our well trained local teams of cleaners are there to provide door furniture cleaning which covers doors, architraves, door handles, door knobs and top of door frames. The team will check for any unwanted stains or substance deposits on your doors and effectively remove them using chemicals and cleaning equipment that is not abrasive to the surface of the door. After cleaning, the experts, will polish the surfaces of the doors leaving a virtually new look, which by protecting the door will also extend its life.

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