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Our Services include

Domestic cleaning can be so time consuming and within your busy schedule of work and social commitments it will be better to call in the professionals from Manchester City Clean to free up your time for other pursuits. We are a highly renowned company that will provide the services of one of our professionally trained teams to clean your home from top to bottom with show home results. You may wish to choose the day when we call or decide upon the frequency of our visits, just discuss your specific needs with us and let the experts deliver. We are able to provide a regular service or an intensive Spring clean. For new customers to Manchester City Clean we offer the 2nd hour as FREE.

Our thoroughly vetted domestic cleaning operatives use only specialist cleaning products and cleaning equipment for the regular household requirements such as vacuuming carpets, cleaning laminate, wood, Karndean or tiled floors, dusting, hygienic cleaning of toilets and bathrooms, washing paintwork and many other domestic tasks. If you have more specialist tasks for our team just let us know as we go beyond the day to day cleaning duties, a service not always found with other domestic cleaning companies. Our fully insured professionals aim to provide cleaning services to the top of their abilities on all cleaning tasks as required by you. Tailored to suit each and any of your requirements; requests for special cleaning attention to be paid in any specific area of your home for can be met. Because our service is designed to be personalized and specific to your individual needs, each cleaning service assignment is unique and modeled for you and your home.
The goal of our business is to offer you a solution in domestic cleaning that is both consistent and reliable. Being the top locally based cleaning services company we have raised the bar in standards that you can trust, for example to help with laundry and ironing, bed changing or making, shopping and tidying.
You may choose to have a dedicated, fully trained professional to provide regular domestic cleaning by one of our skilled team, set to your own expectations and standards. In the unavoidable instances where your designated cleaner is absent, on sick leave or on holiday, Manchester City Clean may offer an alternative cleaner to fulfill your household tasks. Not only does this ensure that you are not inconvenienced and remain free to spend your time as arranged, but it maintains the high standard of cleanliness within your home that you expect.

As a company we are always aware of ecological issues and so use re-cycled materials and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and technology. We are extremely conscious of the bigger picture concerning cleaning solutions but also look to ensure minimal impact on the immediate environment of your home and family.

We are able to offer cleaning services to home owners, tenants and for those one-off occasions such as after guests go home or after a celebration or party. Our wide-ranging domestic solutions include all the chores….such as ironing, cleaning carpets, rugs or upholstery, shopping or cooking, mattress cleaning or even chauffeur services. Your lifestyle dictates how you want us to work and when. Whether you need our services so that you can free-up some quality time for yourself and your family, or you are a busy individual with a time consuming schedule, you can contact us to arrange daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning at a time that is most convenient to you.

Carpet Cleaning

For the best carpet cleaning in Manchester it simply has to be Manchester City Clean.

Using the cutting edge of carpet cleaning systems, equipment and solutions that the industry can provide; utilising steam cleaning power and suction that gets right down to the base of your carpets to remove grit, dirt and stains reviving the whole look of your carpet. The process to gain the optimum clean starts with a thorough vacuuming of the whole area, then a pre-spray designed to break up the dirt which is spoiling the look of your carpets, followed by a deep clean and steam. The residue of the process is absorbed by our impressive machines, leaving your carpet barely damp and virtually ready for use. 

Carpet manufacturers are in agreement that steam cleaning is the preferred method of carpet cleaning being gentler to the fibres of your carpets, it cleans deep, leaving no residue behind to harbour dust and attract soilage. When your carpets are cleaned by our professionals it will leave your carpet clean and deodorized with a clean that will have given you a new standard in cleaning. To maintain the appearance and ensure the validity of the warranties on your carpets, manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every twelve to eighteen months, but in homes with small children or pets, or indeed if you suffer from allergies, we recommend twice a year or more. The health and well-being of your family is of course paramount, but the ambience of your home also affects your mood and to keep your carpets in excellent condition, re-vitalised, refreshed and hygienically cleaned reflects your attitude to life, making your home a pleasant and relaxing place to be with your friends and family.