Gutter and Drains

Neglect of gutters and drains, which can simply be down to poor or irregular maintenance, can lead to damage to your home due to damp conditions created and if ignored can even lead to structural problems. To ensure that your home is waterproof and weatherproof Manchester City Clean is able to offer a full drain cleaning and gutter service, which is essential in a regular maintenance scheme. Schools, hotels, bed and breakfast guesthouses, churches, hospitals, retail units are amongst the many examples of those who choose Manchester City Clean to clear and clean their drains and gutters using only a pure water system. 

Using the latest technology and equipment to look at the inside of your gutter, thereby immediately identifying the cause and extent of the problem, our expert team of exterior cleaning operatives can carry out the necessary cleaning. Fully insured, we are able to clean gutters and drains perched at considerable heights without necessitating the use of ladders or cherry pickers and perform the job safely, effectively and efficiently. The type of debris which commonly blocks free flow of water within your gutter system may be dead birds, grass, leaves etc and this leads to dirty rain water overflowing the blocked gutter and leading to damage to your brick work. With regular maintenance to your gutters and drains by Manchester City Clean, you will enjoy service from our skilled and trained operatives at a consistently high level of operation

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