Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning eliminates bacteria, dirt, dust, stains and other unwanted elements from carpets and upholstery fabrics in your home and our specialist cleaning service leaves your home fresh and clean. Before starting steam cleaning your carpet, we check the material to be sure of the best cleaning method which will achieve a safe cleaning procedure. 

Using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning materials for cleaning your upholstery we keep a greener profile within your home. We clean your soft furniture by firstly spraying with a delicate chemical to breakdown and release the stains and dirt and leave the fabrics with a fresher feel. Our cleaning experts carry out the full steam cleaning service by using spot and stain removal where necessary and always use carefully selected chemicals to avoid discoloration. 

Cleaning your mattress and eliminating dust mites as well as giving advice and recommending any necessary treatment for different stains and spillage is all part of our specialist technical cleaning service. This exceptional service is especially important in helping towards alleviating allergies or common skin conditions. We are also able to steam clean curtains and drapes or blinds regardless of the size, texture or colour; it is accepted that steam cleaning helps to extend the life of your curtains, protecting them from the abrasion of dirt particles.

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