Cooking Services

Working to a tight schedule, or would you just enjoy having a great meal cooked for you, or your partner needs to bring the boss for a meal at short notice? Having a personal chef who will offer home cooking services from the reliable Manchester City Clean not only ensures that you get great service in accordance with your needs and dietary requirements, but will also save you time and the stress of cooking.

We are able to provide qualified and experienced chefs who can come to your home to discuss with you your menu or dietary needs and then arrange to shop for the necessary ingredients to make your meal and prepare your chosen menu of courses including desserts and starters.

Extra portions can be made, packaged, labeled and stored in your freezer by request ready for you to re-heat and enjoy at your leisure. Cooking need no longer be a chore and you will be ready to select from a variety of meals prepared for you by one of our top chefs. For special occasions, our qualified chef will make extra-special meals for you and your guests and even clear away, leaving your kitchen spotless after cooking.

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